ProMedclaim is a highly Professional Medical Billing, Practice Management and Consulting Company. We are fully dedicated to providing outstanding services to all physicians’ practices be it big or small our services fit any specialty of health care and by deploying latest technology in our office we are able to provide our clients with fast, efficient and flawless services while maximizing their reimbursements.
ProMedClaim goal is your regular progress and success. We wish to contribute to that success by saving you time and increasing your profit. We attempt to do this by reducing your billing expenses, staffing requirements, paperwork and top of all the stress inherent to any medical billing operation.
ProMedClaim has an extensive knowledge of ICD-10, CPT, PQRS and HCPC coding, but at ProMedClaim education is a continuous process and we always make sure that we stay current with changing rules and regulations. Substantial investment in equipment and software provides a reliable and dependable operating platform to our all clients.

ProMedClaim thoroughly takes care of your all account receivables and only when you are paid, then we get paid. We guarantee a fast turn-around time and we are very proud of our streamlined and highly efficient process.